Serengeti Balloon Safari

January 21, 2015

Up before dawn we waited in the dark at our campground looking for the headlights of the car from the Serengeti Balloon Safari to pick our group up and take us to the balloon launch site for a launch at dawn. When we arrive we find the balloon baskets laying on their side while the balloon crews are using fans to fill the balloons with air before turning on the burners to finish the job with hot air. We enter the balloon’s basket while it is still lying on its side and then as the balloon fills with hot air the basket is lifted first upright and then up into the air.

The logo and the first three pictures are from the company’s website and Trip Advisor:


These are some of the pictures I took from the balloon as we floated along:

A pride of Lions.

Serengeti scenery:


Hartebeest Antelope

Cape Buffalo


At the conclusion of the flight, we all celebrated with a champagne toast at the landing site.

(The remainder of the photos in the blog post are not my photos)

Then we were driven to a very nice English breakfast in the bush with orange juice, coffee and more champagne.

Next up: Game driving in the Serengeti.

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  1. we choose not to do the ride … and was told later that we missed a wonderful ride. Only half our group went. Thanks for posting.

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